9 October 2010 | One Cafe | Kuala Lumpur


Itinerary : Colourama Event

Event Schedule 9 October 2010

7am   – Setup
9am   – Visual setup
10pm – Soundcheck performer
2pm – Opening by This is My Hurricane
230   – Modula Screen
3pm – Sebiron
330    – Lucky Draw I
340    – Robot Asmara
4pm – JW86
430    – Mikrobotmen feat. Chipsy Facto
5pm – Lucky Draw II
510    – Local Drug Store
530    – Howhuahua
6pm – Mikrochip No32
630    – The Dramatic
700    – Magrib Break
730    – Bottlesmoker
8pm – Sidabitball
830    – My Empty Battery
9pm – Lucky Draw III
910    – Sunday Carousel
930    – Hentai Kookies
10pm – END

Do come early as we have FREE BUTTON BADGES from Colourama (100pcs), to give away!



A limited amount of tickets are now available to be purchased in advance!

You can get your hands on pre-sale tickets (RM18, at the door RM25) here:
Abstrax Jingga Micro Store
Monorail Bukit Bintang, KL

Petaling Jaya & TTDI
6pm onwards
012 285 2292

Aimen & Ema
Ampang, Wangsa Maju
017 668 2549, 012 911 2619

Bangi & Kajang
012 2724487

Bukit Jalil & Puchong
016 395 5285

017 260 2634

Shah Alam & Klang
017 799 6169

MMU & Lim Kok Wing, Cyberjaya
012 944 6675

For other places, you can direct contact by email to colourama@ymail.com

Got it? Cool :). We’ll see you there!

Colourama 2010 Flyer

(Click image above for better view)

Hey music lovers!

Official list of perfomers and the flyer is ready, yay! For the presale tickets, will be ready around this September. Will update more on that . For the meantime, do add us in Facebook too! (search Colourama). It will great to see u there, aite!

Colourama 2010 Artists

Hey guys! We’ve finalized all the artist (including visual artist) for this year Colourama Event 2010! After a few month searching great artist for this event, we managed to get 15 artists from 4 countries; Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and France. Want to know more all this performers? CLICK HERE

Colourama is back!

We are back.

Entering its second time (once in 2 years)  of celebrating the best and brightest from the realm of chip music and its related disciplines, the festival showcases the use of the former heavyweights of computing such as the Commodore 64 and Amiga, the Atari ST and 2600, and the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy to create arresting music and visual art. This event is majoring focus on chiptune annual music festival, the first in Malaysia and the international standard. Colourama shows performances of the chiptune musicians from local to international ones. Aims to realize the ropes of fellowship to support the morale among the musicians, and a place to exchange ideas and show the capability of the musicians.

A Celebration of Lo Fi Graphic & Music!