9 October 2010 | One Cafe | Kuala Lumpur

Press Release


Who doesn’t remember the theme to Tetris, Super Mario? Your dad knows it. You probably  knows it too. A chiptune or chip music, is music written in sound formats where all the sounds are synthesized in real time by a computer or video game console sound chip, instead of using sample-based synthesis and of course by more conventional musical equipment. Most of the chiptuner performed and composed  using retro game hardware like Famicom and the Gameboy as instruments.

Chip musicians can be found all over the world but they’re mostly in places where Game Boys are popular – the US, Sweden, Japan, Switzeland and for Asia; Indonesia and Japan. Blip Fest is the main event for all chiptuners and it is held in New York every year.

So, don’t you just love discoveries, especially when it’s of something niche? Chiptune is pretty much a genre that flies under the radar in Malaysia, although it has gained more prominence in countries like Indonesia. Since Colourama first held in November 2008, Chiptune music and it’s scene is becoming less insular although it is considered to be underground.



Welcome to the second installment of COLOURAMA (held biennially), an event dedicated to the best and brightest from the realm of 8bit music and its related disciplines. The event showcases the use of the former heavyweight champions of computing; Commodore 64 and Amiga, Atari ST and 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy – all this in the form of audiovisual experience.

This event was and still is the platform for chiptune music, the first and still the only one in Malaysia but done at an international standard. Not only we features the local heroes but also our regional and international comrades too! COLOURAMA is not just a place to exchange ideas between the musicians but also to expose our kind of music, no matter how niche to new audience.

COLOURAMA has always been about combining the music and visuals to give the audience a euphoric experience that intertwines the nostalgic and fresh feelings. It is after all; based on hey days of 8bit era (1982 – 1990) and we really mean it.

Our love for all things 8bit, from the games to its culture extends to the realisation of this event. It shows with our selection of musicians and visual artists. We will revisit the days where we were constantly challenging ourselves with technology limitations. As for 2010, we are bringing you the best from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and France. Lo and behold!


Why PEOPLE will go to this event?

  • This event is majoring focus on Chiptune annual music festival, the first in Malaysia and the international standard; Colourama (Malaysia), Blip Fest ( New York and Tokyo), Pesta Mikro (Indonesia) and Pocket Music (Australia)
  • This event not only explore the local and global chiptune scenes, but also electro music and bedroom music.
  • People who play and loves music from Gameboy or Atari or others 90s games will come to this event and will feel nostalgic of their childhood memories.
  • This is definitely not a typical gig with typical music. People will get the chance to experience a very foreign genre of music and be involved in this new soon-to-be subculture that has been around for ages in other countries.
  • This event only held once in 2 years! And this year is the second time!
  • There will be Low-Fi live visual along this event from Motiofixo team and Dancing Bears Project .
  • Performers come from 4 countries; Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and France!
  • A venue that situated in the heart of our city, Kuala Lumpur, One Cafe is a new comfortable place to let the music flows with enough space provided for creative purposes.
  • Guerrilla advertising and creative way of promotion will influence people to go to this event.
  • It’s Saturday! Its colourful and its weekend!